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28 April, 2014

The BeauBowBelles-Banger

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Ok so I admit it, I’ve been fairly useless at keeping upto date with the deluge of CDs that have piled through my letterbox in recent times, so there have been a few that have slipped the net, Banger by The BeauBowBelles is one such release and now on listener to the track, I find myself seriously questioning my work ethics, because (and yes I have a full time job and this site is just a….say it softly…hobby) this two minute fifty single is an absolute beauty.

But before I try to describe the sound of Banger, a little bit about the band, The BeauBowBelles are a four-piece group of instrumentalists hailing from London who blend all manner of genres from gypsy folk to classical, blues and beyond to create a sound that’s retro, nostalgic, unique and above more contagious than the common cold.

Banger is just as the title suggests a real fun banger of a track, there’s a certain gypsy element but there’s also a definite (electro?) swing feel to the song, whilst the harmonies invoke those great female harmony groups of yesteryear or in more recent times the Puppini Sisters only with more instrumentation and whole lot more energy.

The single was taken from an EP called The Moon which I imagine is available now and on the evidence of this track alone is well worth tracking down, I’ll certainly be on the look out for more from the brilliant The BeauBowBelles.

Rhythm & Booze Rating 10


3 July, 2012

The Damn Jammage-Dream Tobacco

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Regular readers (actually even the most casual visitor) of Rhythm & Booze will, without a doubt stumbled upon my rather favourable musings on London collective The Damn Jammage, a ramshackle ensemble that throw together numerous influences to create a wonderfully dark and often macabre take on gypsy/rock n roll/blues/indie/punk, whatever you want to call it. A potent and intoxicating sound that simultaneously chills and seduces in equal measure yet always leaves you baying for more.

Well more I cry and more I shall receive, Dream Tobacco is the band’s third release to date (and a free download this time round so no excuses!!!), it’s a cover of a somewhat obscure Max Wall track that fit’s like a glove into the murky shadow like world of The Damn Jammage. The track is a wondrous blackened tale, a finger clicking, moody slice of  jazzy blues featuring a delicious combination of piano, double bass, accordion and the gravelly, semi-crooned vocals of frontman Danny Rapscallion.

Dream Tobacco maybe a cover but The Damn Jammage make the track their own, another bewitching addition to the already impressive set list that the band are compiling in preparation for their much anticipated debut album. As far as I’m concerned every release to date has been nothing short of essential and this is no different, I highly recommend you get downloading right now (oh and watch the sensational video above too!!!).

Rhythm & Booze Rating 10


15 November, 2011

Black Casino And The Ghost-Falling Into Pieces

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London based three-piece Black Casino And The Ghost are beginning to turn heads with their stomping, infectious blend of female fronted gypsy rockabilly, rock n roll and smoky cinematic jazz. Versatile lead singer Zoot delicately croons one minute and then hollers the next whilst Ariel (piano, guitar, etc) lays down grooves, cranks out riffs helping to create one of the most potent sounds around.

Falling Into Pieces is the band’s debut EP and it’s simply stunning, the five tracks on here stomp, soar, showcase the band’s diversity and should help propel Zoot’s star turn vocals into the limelight. The five track affair opens with the glorious title track, a wonderful gypsy rocker complete with twanging guitars, contagious choral vocals, stomping riffs, delicious hooks and a gigantic holler along chorus setting the mood wonderfully for the inventive sound ahead.

El Luchador begins as a smoky croon with Zoot passionately pouring out her heart before short stabbing riffs signal the biting almost screamed chorus, the track continues to build into a stunning widescreen cinematic masterpiece complete with a windswept atmospheric outro that’ll have to scrambling for the repeat button. Just when you think that the band can’t build on their already stunning sound they weld strings and brass into their already intoxicating sound on the near orchestral Odyssea, delicate strings, plucked guitar and piano add to mood as the band deliver a stunning and compelling dense epic.

From there the band mix it up further by amping up the aforementioned ramshackle gypsy influence on the foot stomping, shit kicking My Bambina before leaving with on the emotionally charged ballad On A Plane.

Falling Into Places is simply an incredible introduction to an intriguing and always enthralling London trio, Black Casino And The Ghost are a wonderfully captivating band that have to be heard to be believed.

Rhythm & Booze Rating 10


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