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31 May, 2011

Tides From Nebula-Earthshine

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Ok lets be honest with each other, I know how we music fans are always trying to outdo each other and champion new bands that no one else has ever heard of from far away places but hands up if you can name a single band hailing from Poland, anyone? No, didn’t think so, well now ladies and gentlemen you can name check the evocative, the brilliant, the hypnotic Tides From Nebula.

Yes Tides From Nebula hail from the unlikely location of Poland, they’ve been together since 2008 or so and in their home country they often headline the inaugural end of year lists. The band’s debut album, Aura began to make real waves in mainland Europe and helped secure the band high profile tour supports with the likes of Oceansize, Pure Reason Revolution and cult Irish faves God Is An Astronaut among others and now the band return with a brand new album entitled Earthshine.

Tides From Nebula create incredible ambient soundcapes that grow, sweep and soar, often engulfing the listener with epic waves of sound but more often bewitch the listener with stunning flights of immense instrumental beauty. The band employ light and shade, intricate, intense and shimmering guitars, brushed, tapped and bashed drums and a real passion to create their dense walls of sound, a sound that intrigues and intoxicates the listener to the point where nothing else matters.

Tides From Nebula don’t make background music, take The Fall Of Leviathan for example, the track beings as a beautiful ambient soundscape, but slowly it begins to sneak up on you, the guitars intensify, the drums become more prominent and before long a barrage of sound has you completely captivated and rooted to the spot. Perhaps an even better example of the touching, haunting sounds of Tides From Nebula is Waiting For The World To Turn Back, a gorgeous number that adds light piano to hushed waves of guitar, the textures weave a magical spell, slowly swelling with the addition of drums before the band slowly wind up to an epic crescendo of beats and guitar manipulation. 

Each of the lengthy eight tracks or musical passages if you will are atmospheric works of majestic beauty, each one has stunning peaks or mesmeric instrumentation, each one is a post-rock masterpiece, each one takes you on a journey of emotional self discovery.

In previous reviews I’ve spoken of bands that deserve your full attention, bands or releases that you really have to put the time into and block out the outside world, well Earthshine is another one of those albums, it’s an album that deserves to be poured over an album to be devoured as a single piece of majestic beauty. Tides From Nebula demand that you draw those blinds and simply listen and experience the epic tones of Earthshine.

Rhythm & Booze Rating 9


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