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6 September, 2011

Huron-Mary Celeste

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Sometimes the only way to get motivated in the morning is to find the nearest, heaviest album to hand, whack it up to top volume and bang your head in submission to shake out all those cobwebs. Mary Celeste, the second album by Brit Metallers Huron is pretty much a perfect album for such early (ok mid) morning activities.

Huron mix together brutal thrash and hardcore elements to create a bombastic gutsy racket that in the past has found favour with the likes of Kerrang, Rock Sound and current 6music/all time metal god Bruce Dickenson to name just a few of the heavy weight names that Huron have seduced since their conception. The have also performed with mega metal names such as Orange Goblin, Viking Skull and Anvil along with skate thrash hardcore legeneds Sucidal Tendancies among others.

Throwing on Mary Celeste it’s instantly understandable why Huron have managed to gain such a reputation, right from the opening Branded, the band lay down a massive heavy groove, whilst frontman Sean Palmer unleashes a stunning guttural growl that knocks you for six. As introductions go, Branded is a perfect mood setter, it’s heavy, it blends those aforementioned metal and hardcore influences whilst maintaining a gigantic hook throughout.

The band continue in the same rich vein throwing together down tuned riffs, rumbling bass, heavy hitting beats and tortured vocals as the band set about laying waste to entire metal scene with likes of the stunning gowl along Blood In Blood Out, the throat shredding/squealing guitar frenzy of the death metal influenced All My Gods and the dark moody, gloomy intensity of Serpentswine (checkout the gothic metal introduction).

There’s nothing on Mary Celeste for the faint hearted, Huron are on the whole an orgy of broken sticks, shredded vocal chords and mangled strings, however they do provide a little rest bite from the pure intensity with a deft slab of acoustic guitar and crooned/whispered vocals on the gorgeous Eternal Sea Part One, proving that Huron are more than just another metal/hardcore band.

If you like hard hitting balls to the wall metal or guttural hardcore you’ll find plently of appeal on the hallowed grooves of Mary Celesete. Huron create a true, no nonsense racket and I for one salute them for it, brilliant stuff.

Rhythm & Booze Rating 8


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