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6 September, 2011

Simian Ghost-Lovelorn EP

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Simian Ghost is the new Electro-pop project by Sebastian Arnstrom of Swedish band Aerial, the band the released their debut album in their native country towards the tail end of last year to great enthusiasm and critical acclaim, topping critics charts. Simian Ghost (as a live trio) have already support the likes of Mount Kimble, SBTRKT and Niki & The Dove among others.

Lovelorn is the band’s debut single here in the UK, a seven-track affair that has (like the debut album) been written, recorded and produced by Sebastian Arnstrom alone. The idea of behind the EP is a completely DIY affair all conceived in Sebastian’s messy living room with the likes of Gently Submissive beinbg deliberately quiet and restrained due to being recorded at night as not to wake the neighbours.

The EP opens with Free Agent a stunning combination of addictive electro-pop, eighties synth’s and gorgeous blissed out vocals bringing to mind a laid back Hot Chip or perhaps a more electronic Memory Tapes. Note To Self, follows in the same chilled out manner only with more glitches, loops and cut & paste falsetto vocals, it’s a delicious slab of pure electro-pop complete with a massive hook and enough of a dance influence to seduce the dancefloor of any forward thinking club, or perhaps used as a sun-kissed set closer to gently bring the revellers back to earth whilst still maintaining the eurphoric rush of the nights festivities.

As You See Fit is perhaps more influenced by shoegaze indie as dreamlike vocals and rich harmonies combine, twinkling instrumentation and the omni-present deep pulsating beat to create an infectious dreamscape evoking calm, lulling imagery as Simian Ghost provides the perfect floaty soundtrack.

I suppose if you were bang upto date with your music classifications you would probably say that Simian Ghost slot nicely into the current chill wave scene that seems to be gaining momentum and tracks such as the beautiful bubbling and shimmering Poolside Glow and the aforementioned hushed grooves of Gently Submissive further enhances these initial musings. However there’s more to the grooves of Lovelorn than just a current trend, the vocal harmonies at times nod towards The Beach Boys (especially notable on the stunning acoustic assisted finale Take My Hand And Lead Me Home), you can also hear a M83 influence in there and perhaps even the folktronica of Adem buried amongst the chilled out grooves.

Lovelorn is a dazzling release that seduces the listener with it’s blissed out instrumentation and Sebastian’s dreamy vocals, a gorgeous blissed out release that fans of electronica, 80’s pop, chill wave and even abstract indie should seek out and snap up greedily.

Rhythm & Booze Rating 10



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