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13 April, 2015

Heems Reveal New Video

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The first video for  Heems’  debut solo album  Eat Pray Thug  has arrived and it is just as crazy as the album. Inspired by a late-night infomercial Heems saw while on tour in India, the “Sometimes”  video stars Adult Swim’s Eric Andre, Broad City’s Hannibal Buress, and Heems’ former  Das Racist  bandmate, Ashok “Dapwell” Kondabolu .  Watch now on YouTube.

“‘Sometimes’ uses a narrative revolving around an infomercial to create a commentary on race in not just the U.S. but India as well. As recently as 2010, the skin-lightening cream industry was worth $432 million in India and growing at 18% annually. Following in the footsteps of films like  Kumare, the video also takes on the trope of exotic, spiritual Indian gurus in the West.” – Heems

The video was written and directed by Heems, whose only other director credit is the video for  “Special Effects” by  Meyhem Lauren featuring  Heems and  Action Bronson.

Eat Pray Thug was released March 2015 to a great deal of press coverage and positive reviews from outlets like the New York Times and  NPR. Heems recently joined the rap roster at  The Agency Group and is currently planning a  US tour for July and a  Europe tour (via  Primary Talent) for  Fall 2015.

Praise for Eat Pray Thug:

“ALBUM OF THE WEEK. Heems made something of a masterpiece. The rapping is fierce and focused, deep in the pocket and delivered with swagger and purpose.” — STEREOGUM

“[Eat Pray Thug]. It’s excellent.” — Salman Rushdie

“8 out of 10” – SPIN

“Eat Pray Thug is the most important musical document of post-9/11 New York.” — The Quietus 

“BEST NEW MUSIC…A superb debut album. If you take a deep-dive into Eat Pray Thug (which you absolutely should), you’ll find beneath all that boiling-over anger, a beautiful breakup album.” — NY Magazine

“At times starly political, at others heartbreakingly personal, Eat Pray Thug retains the intense cleverness that has marked Heems work in the past, while completely destroying any false perceptions that Heems was ever a (trigger warning) ‘hipster rapper.'” — VICE

“EPT has the means to be a classic album. It’s filled with Songs that are true hip-hop and rap: hard, clever rhymes, fun, painful, danceable and rage inducing.” — Flavorpill

“I can’t get enough. It’s a new side of Heems I can get used to with ease.” — Under The Gun

“EAT PRAY THUG… a jaw-dropping debut.” Dazed Digital

“Heems goes deep on the surprisingly moving Eat Pray Thug.” – AV Club

“Heems juxtaposes cold-blooded hedonism and scathing social commentary.” — Time Out NY

“Heems is that special kind of musician capable of making a romanti-political rap record.” —Consequence of Sound


In Hearts Wake Charity Auction

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In Hearts Wake have announced a massive charity auction featuring unique and collectible items kindly donated from some of the biggest names in rock music worldwide.

All proceeds will go towards two non-profit organisations, the first being Local Futures which is dedicated to a grassroots safeguarding and renewal of ecological and social well-being within communities. The second being the Byron Young Residents Alliance, which ensures the protection of the band’s hometown on an environmental and social level.

The eBay auction features exclusive rare memorabilia from The Amity Affliction, Architects, Northlane, Enter Shikari, Dead Letter Circus, Stick To Your Guns, Hacktivist, UNIFY Gathering and In Hearts Wake themselves. For a full list of items please visit skydancerproject.com/auction

In Hearts Wake have long been involved with organisations that support their global vision. In partnership with Carbon Neutral, In Hearts Wake planted 1379 trees as part of the Earthwalkercampaign in 2014. The band chose a fresh approach with Skydancer, choosing to support non-profit organisations that help the community.

Local Futures is a non-profit organisation lead by Helena Norberg-Hodge, pioneer of the localisation movement and director of the award-winning documentary The Economics of Happiness. Vocalist Jake Taylor says of the partnership, “The organisation is devoted to healing the Earth and ourselves through localisation and sustainable economics. It aims to raise awareness for the bigger picture by renewing natural resources and reducing CO2 emissions. It also creates human and ecological well-being, builds sustainable communities and allows social healing as it celebrates diversity and reclaims joy, health and spirit. Essentially it aims to give us control over our future.”

Along with Local Futures, In Hearts Wake are teaming up with local hometown organisation Byron Young Residents Alliance (BYRA) which is a platform and a voice for young residents of the Byron Shire on community issues. Says Jake of this collaboration: “Proving that localisation is ever so important, we wish to also stand behind our own community. BYRA is a community organisation founded and run by young residents within the Byron Shire. Byron Bay is currently under threat from the impact of mass development and BYRA is a vessel for those who wish to keep Byron sustainable and preserve its pre-existing culture. #ProtectByron.”

The auction begins on Friday 17 April at 9pm and can be accessed by visitingwww.skydancerproject.com

In Hearts Wake’s new album ‘Skydancer’ will be released on May 5 via UNFD. 

In Hearts Wake – Skydancer

1. Aether

2. Skydancer (feat. Jonathan Vigil)

3. Breakaway

4. Badlands

5. Insomnia

6. Oblivion

7. Wildfire

8. Cottonmouth

9. Erase (feat. Ben Marvin & J Hurley)

10. Intrepid (feat. Marcus Bridge)

11. Father


For Further Information






The Payroll Union To Release Compelling New Album

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Paris Of America

Label: Backwater Collective   Cat No.TBC003

Format: CD/DL

Release Date: 29 June 2015


Paris of America, the new album by The Payroll Union, continues the band’s fascination with America’s dark past. These eight songs explore the violence of the ‘riot era’ in Philadelphia during the 1830s and 1840s. Inhabiting the stories of radical writers, anti-Catholic brawlers, firebrand preachers, and violent ward bosses, the album imagines a city in great tumult, tearing itself apart.


The record is a result of a collaborative project with Arts Enterprise at the University of Sheffield. Songwriter, Pete David, worked with historian, Dr Andrew Heath, to look at how stories of the past can be told in different ways. Along the way, they worked with a film-maker to chart the process of their work together, Sheffield illustrators and artists, and a number of other musicians, to bring to life these complex, interweaving narratives of a 19th Century American city.


Formed in 2009 in Sheffield, The Payroll Union have shared stages with Johnny Dowd, John Smith and Bellowhead. They have played Galtres, Off The Tracks, Music In The Gardens, Tramlines, Magpie’s Nest, Kendal Calling, Dragonfly and headline slots at both Sensoria 2012 and 2013. After releasing two EPs – Underfed & Underpaid and Your Obedient Servant – they toured the UK with their debut album, The Mule & The Elephant, in February 2013.


Here’s what’s been said….


“Switching from indie rock riffs to the more familiar dark folk melodies complementing the murderous lyrics, the album keeps you on your toes, leaving you unaware of what is coming next… The emphasis is entirely on the dark lyrics, which combined with Pete David’s grizzly and delicious vocals makes for a real success. I really can’t wait to see the band play this track in particular live.” Now Then


“Heck, some of the themes are so human that you’d assume they are as old as the human race.” Sloucher 


“Dark, sombre and macabre, each track tells its own tale. This is a record that demands your attention. Your focus will be duly rewarded as you find yourself transported to a distant time and place. If you close your eyes you can smell the smoke, the air of despair…” Counterfeit Magazine





New RAKETKANON Album Out Now

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Shaping the future of rock” – Kerrang!

Unrepentant in their aim of attempting to melt the face of anyone who dares listen” – 

“It sure does reek of excitement” – Punktastic 

They sound like the feeling you get when you think you’re gonna puke on public transport – Vice


Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/5CKMRVmWZ3nE16yR5yg04T
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/raketkanon/sets/rktkn2-master 


Watch the video for ‘Florent’: 

Belgian four piece Raketkanon release their colossal sounding RKTKN#2 album in the UK today via KKK Records. Following their sold out limited 7” release of single ‘Florent’‘Abraham’, the band will play a string of UK dates through April and May beginning April 28th at Bristol’s Stag and Hounds.

Recorded almost entirely live in Electrical Audio in Chicago over five frantic days with Steve Albini, RKTKN#2 drips from your speakers like a spilled jar of molasses. It’s thick and gloopy, black-hearted, portentous, musically malevolent, brilliantly vile – but emotive and moving on a whole other sonic plateau.

Stream the album on Spotify here:https://open.spotify.com/album/5CKMRVmWZ3nE16yR5yg04T

In 2014 Raketkanon played numerous festivals across mainland Europe, winning crowds over with their cathartic, near-spiritual, outpourings of low-end noise, sweat, brutish bludgeoning and the limb-swinging, shamanic moves of frontman Pieter-Paul Devos. “If there’s not at least something at risk, why bother getting off your couch?” he says. “I’d rather go see a spastic acrobat singing about love in his own language. Seeing us, your self-preservation should be left at the cloak room, as is ours.” 

Witness the self-destruction and wanton celebration live in the UK this month at the dates below.

28/04/15 : Stag & Hounds – Bristol
29/04/15 : The Shacklewell Arms – London
30/04/15 : Audio – Glasgow

02/05/15 :  Live in Leeds Festival – The Brudenell Social Club
03/05/15 : The Hope – Brighton

RKTKN#2 is available for purchase here: http://raketkanon.bigcartel.com/

Raketkanon are: 

Pieter-Paul Devos – vocals
Jef Verbeeck – guitar
Pieter de Wilde – drums
Lode Vlaeminck – bass synth

Find them at: 



White Arrows Announce New Single And Album

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[White Arrows] have added a tremendous amount of texture to their sound, layering rock-inspired drum beats onto guitar riffs and an energetic vocal.” GQ

… a slice of seductive pop with undertones of anxiety” Noisey

… bizarre, psychedelic meditations fuse vocals which melt out of the speaker with distorted electronicsClash

White Arrows
Watch video for new single ‘We Can’t Ever Die’

New album In Bardo released April 27th via Votiv

www.whitearrows.com | www.facebook.com/whitearrows

LA futurists White Arrows have announced the UK release of their new single ‘We Can’t Ever Die’, out April 27th via Votiv, along with new album In Bardo. A majestically fluorescent synth-led smash, ‘We Can’t Ever Die’ drags disco into a strange new dimension. Watch the video now on YouTube.

In Bardo, White Arrows’ second album, is the sound of a band reaching a reflective state of liberation following years of touring, sharing stages alongside the likes of Weezer, !!!, Santigold and more.

As frontman Mickey Church says: “Out of the super-liminal state of consciously making music and dealing with the ups and downs along the way came this philosophy for making In Bardo: ‘fuck it’. I figured that I can go to places that are dark and heavy and not feel vulnerable or weird about exploring that side of myself. And I decided if nothing else happened beyond this album it wouldn’t matter. Because no-one really cares about anything. I just wanted to make a stand-alone record to be proud of. And that realisation was completely liberating.”

The band’s sound takes in futurist funk, psychedelic rock and 80-flecked synth pop, or as Mickey simply describes it: “psychedelic pop – a phrase that covers all the odd sub-genres that we explore.”

In Bardo recalls the best of late 70s/early 80s music when pop embraced technology and contorted it into new forms. Only this time around it is music being made by kids of the information and digital age. Here anything goes.

In Bardo by White Arrows is released 27th April 2015 via Votiv.


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